Can Brexit affect your company?

Import and Export Guide

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Do you sell goods to the UK? Do you buy goods in the UK? Do you transport goods across the UK?

The United Kingdom is Portugal's fourth biggest export market for goods and the first for services.

Check out the TOP 10 when importing or exporting your goods to and from the UK!

Customs Clearance
Own clearing offices at the main SADC borders
As Clearing Agent we guarantee a response in line with the specifics of the sector. Offices on the main SADC borders, ensuring faster action and reducing costs.
See the latest information from the European Commission
We provided information on the current state of Brexit negotiations.
Necessary administrative decisions and actions
Check the guide and anticipate all necessary administrative decisions and actions to avoid disruption.
What to do at the country of origin and destination
Check all legal obligations and customs procedures to export to the United Kingdom.
Get to know all the necessary procedures
The UK's import process will be similar to that applied to non-EU countries.
Consequences for Portuguese companies
Get to know the negative consequences and what opportunities Portugal is exposed to in the post-Brexit.
International trade statistics
Find out the main international trade statistics between Portugal and the United Kingdom.
Main concepts and terminologies
Understand the main terms used during the United Kingdom's withdrawal process from the European Union. 
Brexit's main events
Find out the main dates of the United Kingdom's withdrawal process from the European Union.
Information from the EU, UK and Portugal
We provide information on the current status of Brexit negotiations.
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