Practical measures for exporting to the United Kingdom

How to export to the UK?

What to do in the event of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the EU without an agreement:

Prepare all commercial and transport documentation (packing list and commercial invoice) required for exporting goods;
Subject the goods to the export regime (export dispatch) in the customs process in Portugal;
Prepare all documentation at the origin that the importer (in the United Kingdom) may need to carry out the import into the United Kingdom;
Ensure that the tax dossier of exported goods is complete (with exit certification) so that you can legitimately exempt exported goods from VAT settlement;
It is the importer who is responsible for fulfilling customs duties on imports. Make sure your importer is ready for Hard Brexit, if you have EORI and a nominated customs partner in the UK.
However, if you intend to sell under commercial conditions that include import duties to be paid in the UK (e.g. incoterm DDP), you should know what customs duties and taxes are payable on UK customs services, as well as all other associated costs (local expenses with carriers, with customs representation, other taxes and other non-tariff charges).
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