Customised transport and logistics services

Special Projects
Customised transport and logistics services, extreme weight or dimensions and high complexity.
Transport of load of extreme weight or dimensions
Vehicles dedicated to the transport of loads in any type of vehicle, with one or two drivers, with handling of the load and complex unloading, to and from any place, with defined times.
Transport of load of extreme weight or dimensions
Dedicated transportation to and from any location, with defined times. Using any type of ship, with handling of load and complex unloading. 
Full Event Logistics
Complete transport, assembly and dismantling of fairs, festivals or exhibitions, fully adjusted to your needs.
Flexible logistics outsourcing
Adapted to the needs of preparation, storage and distribution of promotional campaigns, reinforcement of production capacity, or integration/optimisation of processes in the Supply Chain.
Management of special projects
Our specialists ensure the planning and total coordination of your more complex logistics operations, mobilising the physical, technical and human resources needed to achieve the project’s objectives within the expected timeframe and costs window.
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