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Consumer Electronics

Efficiency and Speed

Rangel offers a wide range of services for technology and consumer electronics customers, that can meet all market supply or reverse logistics needs, whether B2B or B2C solutions, or even multi-channel implementation.

Rangel’s solutions permit the reduction of inventory levels, high throughput rates, and provide high adaptation capability to the demand requirements of its customers.

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Why choose Rangel?
Operational flexibility
Security criteria
Integration of systems with total traceability
Infrastructures with national coverage
We have quality storage infrastructures to store consumer electronics products in various configurations. Whenever
Inverse Logistics and After-Sales Services
The consumer electronics industry requires a speedy, efficient and controlled return processing process. Our models have a
Integration of supply and distribution channels
Due to the strong competitiveness of the industry, sometimes more efficient operating models without inventory management are justified, as is the...
Access control, restricted areas and advanced security systems
In consumer electronic products, high value products can be handled that require more demanding control processes, such as

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