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Storage Logistics

We provide best practices in storage solutions

Our essence in logistics is in the storage services that include the reception of our customers' products, their storage for later shipment and delivery to the end customer. This logistics requires a good level of integration and stable processes in order to generate added value for our customers. They define the operational models and Rangel ensures the processes are more efficient, providing productivity gains, and utilizing all the synergies of a shared or dedicated resources infrastructure.
We ensure the focus is on the customer through our systems and technologies, in order to implement the customer’s business concepts and thus improve its competitive advantage. 
  • Capacity and efficiency
  • Fast implementation
  • Visibility of the operation and information systems
  • Competitive rates and friendly contracts

  • Reception of Products/Goods

    • Obeying standardised processes already tested and optimised or meeting the customer’s requirements. Fully digitalised and integrated in real time reception operation.
  • Storage

    • We design operations and customised storage areas to benefit the optimisation of our customers' processes. We can provide storage capacity in multiple formats, locations or for variable times.
  • Order Preparation

    • We can use our experience in different operational models under Outsourcing to make the operations of our customers more productive. The organisation of our processes and synergies that come from the sharing of resources, makes the operation as a whole more efficient.
  • Inventory & Stocks

    • We take full responsibility for the stocks in our custody, and our operations provide reduced inventory levels, and our implemented control processes ensure almost zero out-of-stock situations.
  • Returns

    • Integrated in our service, we process returns to the warehouse according to the requirements defined by customers.
  • Transport & Distribution

    • An integrated and simplified logistics, transportation and distribution service that reduces overall transportation costs by improving our customers’ operational efficiency. Through innovative technology, application of best operational practices and an active customer service, we provide a high-quality service, making us the reference partner for a broad portfolio of customers.
  • Information Systems

    • Competence and internal capacity to implement adaptations of the information systems to the requirements of our customers, as well as great flexibility in integrating the information generated by the diverse logistics activities of warehousing and transport.
      Our own technical team, consisting of project coordinators and business analysts who apply project management models that guarantee great reliability in implementation.
  • Value Added Services

    • In addition to carrying out the general activities of supplier reception, warehousing, order preparation, inventory management, returns and transportation, we can provide a wide range of operational activities that we call Value Added Services, such as:

      • Specific preparation actions for final product: labelling, testing, (re-) packaging, among others
      • Assembly of components on the final product
      • Kitting of various products
      • Special and customised Pick & Packing
      • Co-packing of promotional material
      • Product Labelling
      • Mailings
      • Capture and traceability of serialised products
      • Control of expiry dates and production batches
      • Consumables management
      • among others…
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