Security results from the responsibility and prevention of all


The safety of our facilities and the goods we carry is a fundamental value. and a commitment we make on a daily basis

Following the concept of "one stop shop" that characterises the whole group, Rangel has implemented an Integrated Safety System in order to monitor all shipments and ensure the safety of people and goods.

This system is based on two main pillars:
Integrated Security System - Rangel 01
Integrated Security System - Rangel 02

Several operations are carried out through joint work, such as:
  • Implementation of safety policies and procedures;
  • GPS monitoring of all Pharma and High-Value transport assets;
  • Monitoring of track and trace systems and investigation of anomalies;
  • Management of Alarm Systems, Intrusion Detection, Access Control and CCTV of different platforms using state-of-the-art technology;

The maintenance of compliance with the main standards and statutes is also ensured, in particular: