Full eCommerce Solutions

Complete and truly integrated solution!

We provide your business with a complete, modular and scalable solution for the implementation of your online sales channel, which includes the development of the E-commerce Platform, Logistics services, planning and implementation of the Digital Marketing strategy and Customer Support, through a truly integrated service to provide a better brand experience for your customers.

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E-Commerce Platform

We provide the most advanced E-commerce platform, with the highest levels of performance, security and customization. 

We develop fully customized stores adaptable to all devices, with the possibility of managing all physical and digital sales channels and native integration with the main marketplaces and social media, all based on an infrastructure with more than 8000 annual updates and tested to support hundreds of orders per second.
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We provide an advanced Digital Marketing service through our experienced and multidisciplinary team. This service is specially designed to ensure the growth of your online business. We adopt the most effective strategies and resources at every stage of the customer's life cycle, always with the ultimate goal of generating sales and loyal customers. These means and resources include the implementation and management of Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Email Marketing campaigns, the definition and creation of Content Marketing and Visual Content Marketing, as well as the entire Social Media Marketing strategy and initiatives.

Full eCommerce Solutions - eCommerce - Logistics - Rangel

The E-commerce Full Service solution allows your online business to benefit from Rangel's global e-fullfilment logistics operation, which linearly integrates the warehousing, transportation, distribution and customs services so that the products sold in your online store arrive at their destination on time and in the best conditions.

We are aware that Logistics is one of the key aspects in delivering an excellent consumer purchasing experience and so we offer highly integrated, modular and scalable warehousing solutions and we guarantee high levels of service, efficiency, security and transparency.

We have a fleet of vehicles that serves the entire national territory in 24 hours, and an integrated network of partners that ensures international transportation to more than 220 countries and territories, by land, sea and air. With our cross-border trade solutions you can sell worldwide as easily as you sell to the domestic market.

Full eCommerce Solutions - eCommerce - Customer Support - Rangel
Customer Support

We offer a complete Customer Support service in more than 6 languages, through an exclusive team that is trained in your business field. This service responds in different channels, such as telephone, e-mail, chat, tickets and social media to any type of request, such as the clarification of doubts about the product, the settlement of logistics incidents and even the post-sale relationship actions.
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  • Customer Service

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