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Industrial Logistics

Think more about your process and less about day-to-day operations

At Rangel, we have implemented services for an extremely demanding market that meet the requirements of industrial production units. Our operations are carried out mostly in-house (directly on the customer’s premises) or through combined solutions using our facilities as well. We have some of the largest and most complex logistics operations in Portugal in our portfolio, which are based on long-term partnerships.

Our value proposition enables our customers to redirect their focus and effort in the design of their processes, thus increasing their efficiency and relying on Rangel for the routine operational activities of moving materials in their production units.

Dedicated internal and external logistics operations
Dedicated logistics operations through the performance of internal handling and storage services for raw materials,
Planning and Supply of production lines
We develop planning and execution activities for the supply of the production lines, control of internal material flows and
Certified processes and regular inspections
We develop special quality control operations during the production flows of consumables and finished products, based on
Internal and External
Taking advantage of the resources of Rangel's transportation solutions and to benefit the result of the integration of the operations, we...
Cleaning and Treatment of Waste
Operations of handling and treatment of waste in production units. Packaging material management processes where storage, cleaning and handling of packaging were included.
Why choose Rangel?
One-Stop-Shop Concept
Range of integrated logistics services, international transport, national distribution and time critical solutions.
Information systems tailored to the industrial logistics processes
Lean culture and constant application of continuous improvement projects
Operational and Service Benefits
Easy access to the most current technologies in logistics, with the goal of improving and measuring performance and service levels. Ability to provide additional resources in terms of transport, handling, storage, information systems and human resources.
Financial Benefits
Reduce and control costs, free up financial resources and transformation of fixed costs into variable costs. Reduction of investment needs.
Supplementary Services
Retail services
Continuous Improvement
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