Invest in the next generation of operating models with Rangel

Contract Logistics

Invest in the next generation of operating models with Rangel

All companies are looking for a path to a distinctive and unique operating model that gives them competitive advantages in the markets where they operate. However, this change requires that the various participants, in particular the logistics operators, are flexible, agile and accurate. 

At Rangel's Logistics and Contracted Storage unit, we integrate a diversified experience that permits the implementation of a wide range of integrated services and solutions for the Supply Chain. 

We can consider that the solutions for e-Commerce, Production, Storage, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Marketing Materials, Office Supplies, Wine and Consumer Electronics have nothing in common, however, with all our know-how and respecting the specifics of each industry, we develop solutions adapted to each sector of activity, optimising the logistics processes of our clients.

Rangel includes new technological trends in its operational models and the ability to continuously improve processes in an integrated and sequential manner, in order to improve the experience of our customers and the value generated by their operational processes.

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Why choose Rangel?
Rangel's Logistics unit aims to create value for customers, so it defines generating a competitive advantage as a contractual commitment. Our goal is to provide customers with a service providing the market’s best cost/benefit ratio, where the key factor is the focus on the processes aimed at the satisfaction of our customers.
Integration of information systems and technological innovation
Service guarantee
Quality infrastructures
Transparent cost model
Flexibility, agility and responsiveness
Offer of global logistics solutions for different industries
Customised solutions and adaptability to the needs of the business
Main Services
We lead our project teams to configure a flexible service that is highly adaptable to the needs of our customers and to the constant demand for change.
We provide best practices in storage solutions
Our essence in logistics is in the storage services that include the reception of our customers' products, their storage for later shipment and...
For those looking for a single contact for all logistics needs
Rangel is one of the few operators that can provide its customers with the One-Stop-Shopping concept in Logistics.
Our customers’ convenience in every transaction
For those customers that only want to focus on the marketing and sales of their product, at Rangel we guarantee the performance of the BPO...

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Specialised Solutions
  • E-commerce
  • Pharmaceutical & Health Care
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Wines and Beverages
  • Industrial Logistics
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