Integrated logistics solutions for the cycling industry

Logistics Solutions for Cycling & Motor cluster

Integrated Logistics Solutions

At Rangel we develop a specialized project with multiple distinctive features, to meet the demands of the Cycling & Motor industry, that relies on efficient solutions to ensure the continuous flow of bikes, components and accessories.
We are a specialized partner which covers all areas related to storage, distribution and international transport services for the Cycling & Motor industry.

Our culture is based on commitment, dedication, accuracy and professionalism. We want the best for our clients, who trust us with their products and challenge us to always aim higher.

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Why choose Rangel?
Information systems tailored to the logistics processes
Process Certification, according to best practices
Lean culture and constant application of continuous improvement projects
We develop customised projects tailored to our customers
Range of integrated logistics services, international transport, national distribution and time critical solutions
Full Loads and Grupage Solutions
Daily and regular departures throughout Europe and North Africa for full loads or groupage.
Simple and flexible air transport solutions
According to your urgency and type of cargo, from small volumes to charter flights.
Solutions for your import or export needs
Solutions for all types of goods, including dangerous cargo and complex logistics operations.
Solutions for full loads and groupage
The use of multiple means of transport is the most efficient solution for your shipments. 
Dedicated internal and external logistics operations
We integrate a diversified experience that allows the implementation of optimized solutions for the Supply Chain.
Urgent, Specific and Dedicated Shipments
Extremely urgent, specific and dedicated land and/or air transport services.
Customs clearance and tax consultancy
The multidisciplinarity of the team enables us to intervene in the most diverse areas of customs clearance, ensuring a response according to the...

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Supplementary Services
Continuous Improvement
Quality Control
Cleaning and processing of waste for production units
Rangel 2 Supply


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