Work for us

At Rangel, we believe that people are our greatest assets and, therefore, we invest in their enhancement and achievement. We define the identification of employees with the company's culture and values as a priority and we encourage teamwork. We promote the updating and improvement of the skills of our employees, stimulating creativity, ideas and initiatives to improve the services and the Group as a whole.

What we expect from our employees
  • Curiosity
  • Team spirit
  • Sense of responsibility and commitment
  • Positive attitude
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Ambition
  • Determination
  • Identification with the group culture
  • Passion for the business
Be part of a growing group with clear and ambitious goals
Be part of enthusiastic teams where a relaxed and cooperative working environment prevails
Collaborate in a market leader company
Opportunities to integrate different professional challenges nationally or internationally
We provide integration in a dynamic and challenging context
With a focus on the future and modernisation
Work for an integrated logistics operator with a diversified supply of services

There are several factors that differentiate us, and which add enhance all who share this experience:
In Rangel, the management of People is based on:
Manage, develop and recognise talents!
Maximize Rangel's overall results by improving individual performance!
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