Partnerships and Distinctions


Partnerships and Distinctions - Rangel
National Communications Authority
We are licensed by ANACOM as a postal service provider in its national and international express mail transport units.
Partnerships and Distinctions - IMT - Rangel
Institute for Mobility and Transport
We are a company authorized by IMT to carry out our activity.
Partnerships and Distinctions - Rangel - Cape Verde AMP
Sea and Port Agency | Cape Verde
Its purpose is the performance of administrative activities of technical and economic regulation, supervision and regulation of the sea and port sector. 
Partnerships and Distinctions - ANAC - Rangel
National Communications Agency | Cape Verde
It promotes the regulation in the provision of electronic communications, services, resources and related services, protecting the interest of citizens.


Partnerships and Distinctions - IATA - Rangel
The International Air Transport Association (IATA)
We’re IATA agents, The International Air Transport Association, that represents the world’s airlines and we’re specialists in DGR freight, perishable, temperature controlled and pharmaceutical transport. Proudly, our know-how and the evaluation of our customers have allowed us to be in the top 5 of the IATA ranking in Portugal.
Partnerships and Distinctions - FIATA - Rangel
Represents today an industry covering approximately 40,000 forwarding and logistics firms.
Partnerships and Distinctions - APAT - Rangel
The Freight Forwarders Association of Portugal (APAT)
APAT is the national association for PT-registered and licensed companies engaged in international freight forwarding activity - understood as the planning and organization of operations for the international transport of goods by all modes of transport (air, road, rail and sea), along with complementary logistics operations and distribution activities.
Partnerships and Distinctions - APOL - Rangel
The Logistics Operators Portuguese Association (APOL)
APOL aims to promote the country competitiveness by promoting logistics subcontracting.
Partnerships and Distinctions - Rangel - aplog
Logistics Portuguese Association (APLOG)
APLOG aims to promote and contribute to the study and development of logistics sector in Portugal. 
Partnerships and Distinctions - ICEFAT - Rangel
Feirexpo is a member of ICEFAT, International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transportation, and is currently a market leader and trustworthy company for many Portuguese Museums.
Partnerships and Distinctions - ARTIM - Rangel
Feirexpo is a member of ARTIM, organization that brings together the premier fine art logistic companies from around the world. The organization has 61 participant companies located in 45 countries, with offices located in every major city worldwide.
Partnerships and Distinctions - TAPA - Rangel
Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA)
TAPA is an internationally recognized leader in the fight against cargo crime.
National Association of Importers and Exporters of the Mexican Republic (ANIERM )
Rangel Mexico is a member of ANIERM, the most representative association specialised in foreign trade in Mexico, with 77 years of experience. It supports Mexican importers and exporters, develops an intense and permanent institutional action before different public and private bodies and institutions with the aim of creating and maintaining an environment that facilitates business activity and the development of Mexico's commercial exchange with the world.


Rangel Logistics Solutions
Global Service Participant (GSP) in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde
Rangel is the Global Service Participant (GSP) for FedEx Express in Angola since 2007, Cape Verde since 2015, Mozambique since 2018 and Tanzania since 2022.  Between 1999 and 2019, Rangel was the  Global Service Participant (GSP) for FedEx Express in Portugal, operating since June 2019 as an authorized reseller.
Partnerships and Distinctions - System Alliance Europe - Rangel
System Alliance Europe
System Alliance Europe is a co-operation of leading, medium-sized freight forwarders. 
Partnerships and Distinctions - WCA - Rangel
Worldwide sea and air agents network. 
Partnerships and Distinctions - TICV - Rangel
TICV - Transporte Interilhas de Cabo Verde
In Cape Verde, we are TICV official agents, offering an air cargo service between the islands of Santiago, S.Vicente, Sal, S. Nicolau, Boavista, Maio and Fogo.

Partnerships and Distinctions Air Senegal - Rangel Cape Verde
Cargo Sales Agent da Air Senegal
Through a partnership with Global Air Services (GSA), Air Senegal's representative in Cape Verde, Rangel is a sales agent for Air Senegal in Cape Verde. 
Partnerships and Distinctions - Tap Cargo - Rangel - Cape Verde
Global Service Agent Tap Cargo - Cabo Verde
Rangel is the general sales and cargo agent in Cape Verde. Responsible for promoting services, selling and supervising operations provided to TAP Cargo customers.


Partnerships and Distinctions - AEO - Rangel
Authorised Economic Operator
The AEO concept is based on the Customs-to-Business partnership introduced by the World Customs Organisation (WCO). Traders who voluntarily meet a wide range of criteria work in close cooperation with customs authorities to assure the common objective of supply chain security and are entitled to enjoy benefits throughout the EU.
Partnerships and Distinctions - SGS - Rangel
ISO 9001:2015 Certification
We are certified by SGS by the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015 at the companies: Rangel Transitários, Eduardo Rangel Despachante Oficial and Rangel Distribuição e Logística.
ISO 14001:2015 Certification
We are certified by SGS by the standard NP EN ISO 14001:2015 at the companie: Rangel Distribuição e Logística.
ISO 50001:2019 Certification
We are certified by SGS by the standard NP EN ISO 50001:2019 at the companies: Rangel Distribuição e Logística.
Partnerships and Distinctions - TRACE - Rangel
Trace Compliance
Rangel Angola is a member of Trace Compliance: a globally recognized anti-bribery business organization and leading provider of third party risk management solutions.


Partnerships and Distinctions - APAT - Rangel
2020 APAT Seal of Excellence
Rangel Internacional - Aérea e Marítima, S.A. was recognized for the third consecutive year by the APAT Seal of Excellence, for the quality, credibility, reliability and security of the services provided through the requirements established by the Association.
Partnerships and Distinctions - Top Exporta 2017 - Rangel
Top Exports 2017
Several Rangel business units were distinguished by Top Exporta 2017, a recognition promoted by Banco Santander Totta and which distinguishes the best Portuguese exporting companies.
Partnerships and Distinctions - Millennium Aplauso - Rangel
Millennium 2020 Applauso Partner
Distinction granted by the entrepreneurial vision and contribution to the economy, attributed by Millennium BCP. The "Company Aplauso" program is a joint campaign between Rangel and Millennium BCP, which allows 20.000 associated customers have access to exclusive discounts.
Partnerships and Distinctions - Lisbon Green Capital 2020 European Commitment
Rangel signed the Lisbon Capital Green European Commitment 2020, and presented a set of 13 measures that it undertakes to implement within the scope of its sustainability policy. Among them are solutions focused on energy consumption management, water management, awareness raising, mobility and circular economy. Lisbon is distinguished for the first time as European Green Capital, given its evolution in all environmental parameters (energy, water, mobility, waste and green infrastructure and biodiversity).