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In a rapidly growing market, flexibility, speed and total customer orientation become fundamental. Rangel, aware of the needs and the challenges raised by E-Commerce for traditional business models, particularly the sales channels and logistics systems, has been developing a set of advanced solutions that allow you to focus on your business, delegating a whole set of tasks and operations, with maximum effectiveness and safety, lower risk and investment and, therefore, with greater guarantees of success.

Rangel offers, in addition to the possibility of transporting to more than 220 countries by land, sea and air, a whole range of new solutions, such as eCommerce Full Service, Omnichannel and Last-Mile. These solutions allow you to sell your products from Portugal to the world, quickly and flexibly, always ensuring the best purchasing experience for your customer.

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Why choose Rangel?
International trade consulting services
B2C Domestic and International Express and Economy delivery solutions
Unique liaison for all your E-commerce operation, through the full e-commerce service
Truly integrated solution, capable of offering an excellent purchasing experience to your customer
Online sales, storage, transportation, marketing and customer support solutions, fully adapted to your business
Lower risk and investment, with greater guarantees of efficiency and innovation, allowing you to focus just on your business
Complete and truly integrated solution!
We provide your business with a complete, modular and scalable solution for the implementation of your online sales channel, which includes the...
Integration of various channels and purchasing formats
We integrate all your physical and online channels into one platform, thereby improving the buying experience and your company's results.We make...
Integrated logistics
Over 30 years of logistics experience translates into a worldwide operation that allows us to provide the following set of services in a totally...
Your product is worldwide
Our global logistics network allows us to offer sound and extremely competitive solutions.With our cross-border trade solutions you can sell...
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