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Supply chain solutions that address the complexities and dynamic demands of fashion logistics

We closely follow fashion, luxury goods and the textile industry. We currently provide logistics and transportation services in key segments as diverse as footwear, garments, hanging garments and fashion accessories such as costume jewellery, purses, handbags and sunglasses.

Supply needs differ by segment, channel and product, and we base our response on quality and flexibility at the best price.
Fashion logistics presents fascinating logistical challenges as it requires the perfect combination of international shipping with a local distribution network and also accurate and detailed stock control with multiple size and colour variables. From high-volume operations to tasks that require the highest precision in terms of details, you can rely on our quality of service, dedicated fleet and network of specialised partners to boost your business.

Why choose Rangel?
We are the experts that power your company’s entire value chain. Our international network and experience in the fashion and lifestyle segments allows us to manage your entire supply chain with a truly comprehensive and integrated service.
Experienced team
Logistics and transport of footwear
Logistics and transport of hanging garments
Flexible and customised solutions for your company
International network of specialised partners
Complete management of all stages of the supply chain
Dedicated fleet for textile and footwear transport (GPS/SATCOM)
Warehousing and value-added services
Logistics centre dedicated to fashion logistics area of 12,000 m2 and automated sorting system for flat pack hanging garments and footwear. Besides storage, we have services of labelling, packaging, picking, preparation, order composition by store and quality control.
National and international fashion transportation solutions
Specialised and dedicated transport solutions for garments, hanging garments, footwear, fashion accessories and fabrics, with
Optimisation of your value chain
Optimisation of your supply chain through integrated solutions to monitor the process of order production with producers, storage and picking of fabrics, linings, accessories and footwear, management of quotas for import from outside the EU and quality control of packaging and labels.
Control throughout your supply chain
We check the status of your orders and get confirmation from your suppliers regarding delivery dates, quantities, references, colours, sizes and models, always with proactive feedback 48 hours before shipment.
Your online store, with worldwide reach
Distribution solutions and turnkey inventory management for your online store, with specialised services and solutions for the e-commerce
Fashion and Lifestyle in Numbers
Mil m² of dedicated warehouse
Million pieces of clothing hung and transported in cross-docking
Million pairs of shoes in cross-docking and transported
Vehicles dedicated to the international transport of textiles and footwear
European distribution centres
Client Support
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