Omnichannel Solutions

Integration of various channels and purchasing formats

We integrate all your physical and online channels into one platform, thereby improving the buying experience and your company's results.

We make available the full purchasing experience of your brand coherently and uniformly, through various types of equipment: desktop, mobile, app, POS and self-service kiosks.

Consider all sales combinations for your products:

Where do you buy it?
Physical store, Online store, Sales team, Popup store, Self-service kiosk
How do you receive it?
In-store (time of purchase), In-store (at a later time), At home, Other stores.
Who supplies it?
Store; Logistics Centre; Other Stores
Where do you return it to?
Store; Logistics Centre; Other Stores

Resupply between stores.

Know your consumer, regardless of the purchasing channels, through our integrated CRM at all points of sale.

Enable your business customers (B2B) to buy directly from your portal, benefitting from the same conditions as offline shopping but with more convenience and less resources, for themselves and for you.

Obtain full visibility of your inventory regardless of the various sites where it is stored.

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