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For those customers that only want to focus on the marketing and sales of their product, at Rangel we guarantee the performance of the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) concept for the most relevant financial functions.

Using professional outsourcing services, we can perform various activities associated with the different phases of the customers’ and suppliers’ production cycles. We have the integrated infrastructure of resources and experience necessary to process the billing, payment collection, credit management, payments, order management (including registration and planning) activities. On the demand side, we offer central purchasing, supply management and remittance consolidation solutions. All activities are integrated in the services for the storage and transport supply chain (national and international).
  • Various ERP solutions
  • Credit risk management
  • All-in concept of integrating financial processes with logistics operations and inventory management

  • Suppliers, Customers and Product Catalogues

    • Management of customer registration processes, suppliers and technical catalogues of products.
  • Order Processing and Billing

    • Receipt, validation and registration of orders from customers and placement of purchase orders to suppliers. Ability to integrate systems downstream with customers and upstream with suppliers for better management, issuing, tracking and billing control.
  • Credit Management

    • Credit insurance plans with included management of risk analysis and credit assignment.
  • Tax Representation

    • Comprehensive solutions taking on and providing legal advice to all processes aimed at setting up a tax entity or the applicable scenarios that allow the delegation of tax and legal obligations to Rangel.
  • Information Systems

    • Flexibility to implement various ERP integration models. Solutions in which the customer integrates its own ERP and delegates only the administrative tasks through to more complete and integral solutions, including own implementation of the ERP. In terms of requirements, Rangel has the capacity to implement financial solutions in ERP SAP or Primavera.
  • Document Management and Archive

    • As an integral part of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, Rangel manages the entire archive resulting from legal obligations or due to special request of the customer.

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