For the producer looking for a flexible, competitive end-to-end solution

Wines & beverages

Integrated and specialised solution

Rangel provides an integrated logistics solution through this unit, with distinctive features adapted to the needs of the national wine and spirits import and export industry.

This integration allows Rangel, as a logistics operator, to act closely with national producers, thus generating synergies and increasing their competitiveness.

The producer or representative of this type of product may thus be freed from the planning and management of supply chain support activities. Rangel will be responsible for transportation, warehousing, customs processing and tax requirements leaving the customer to keep the focus on the marketing component.
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Why choose Rangel?
Customs and tax warehouse
Controlled costs
Qualified human resources
Full e-commerce solution
Specialised services for the product
Export and international transport experience
Experience in products subject to Special Consumption Tax
Real-time online information on inventories, warehouse inflows and outflows
Warehousing and customs bonded warehousing
With diverse equipped infrastructures and the capacity to receive and store significant quantities of product at the locations where
Preparation and shipping of orders
When your products are in our warehouses, you can request preparation for the shipping of your products
National and international
By using a single intervening party, you can guarantee the services of full load collection or groupage, from anywhere in the
Integrated online store support systems
In addition to the existing structure and all the knowledge acquired, we include in the package of services that we offer to the market the capacity
Specialised Services for Industry
Rangel’s offer is also made up of supplementary services for Manufacturing Industry products. These include
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