Integrated online store support systems

In addition to the existing structure and all the knowledge acquired, we include in the package of services that we offer to the market the capacity to design, develop and implement integrated internet-based sales systems.

We have had an area dedicated to e-commerce and the services inherent to this distribution channel in our structure since 2013.
In close liaison with the customer, we guarantee the efficiency of the logistics distribution model, in order to ensure that the end consumer’s expectations generated at the time of purchase are satisfied.

As a representative in Portugal of one of the most referenced and used sales platforms (in the cloud), we have the experience and capacity necessary to develop online sales websites, with the image and layout appropriate to the customer's needs, ensuring all the characteristics underlying the sale and promotion of their articles.

We have several turn-key solutions available:
  • Setup of the operation (initial registration of references, contracting and integration with payment systems, interface with logistics and distribution)
  • Website hosting service and respective monitoring of website performance through the implementation of Google Adwords and Google Shopping
  • Affiliates network settings (Price comparison)
  • Preparation of marketing e-mails (design of reply templates and configuration in backoffice for content updating, creation/segmentation of contact lists, parameterisation of the base campaign and creation of forms)
  • Definition of SEO strategy (competitive analysis of keywords, development of a strategic plan for the optimisation of the contents and the main elements of the page, with a view to improving positioning in the search engines)
  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing campaign management (management, tracking and reporting of Google AdWords campaigns, Google Shopping, Affiliates and Comparators)
  • Consumer support by telephone, e-mail, chat and/or internal tickets