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We offer effective integrated logistics solutions

In Angola since 2007, we have been providing customs services, air, sea and international road transport services, logistics services and contracted distribution. As a FedEx representative in Angola, we also provide the International Express service.

We currently employ about 160 staff and we have available more than 25,000 m2 of logistics infrastructures in the country, oriented to receiving different types of goods, including temperature-controlled facilities.

We are the only logistic operator in Angola that owns a Temporary Depot at Luanda airport. After the goods have been unloaded at the airport they are immediately routed to the Temporary Depot, ensuring their security and control.

Since the customs activity is in the Rangel DNA, we have a team of professionals in Angola dedicated to the process of customs clearance, offering solutions tailored to the type of your goods.

Why choose Rangel
Integrated door-to-door services between the southern African countries
Only logistics operator with a Temporary Depot at the airport
Supervision and operational coordination at the point of source and destination
Container logistics depot
APCER certification
Half-yearly audits
(latest 96% rating)
Management of FIFO and FEFO(validity and batch control)
Specialised and fully dedicated operational team
Assurance of stock reliability (permanent inventories)
Experienced customs technicians and own customs agent
Guarantee of quality and safety, with permanent monitoring by quality manager
Control of operations through software WMS ICOL software (Warehouse Management System, by Rangel)
Capacity to guarantee the cold chain throughout the entire process (door-to-door): export, international transport, customs control, logistics and distribution
Ambient temperature and controlled temperature logistics terminal
Main Services
LCL/FCL Tailored solutions
Supported by a global network of partners operating in more than 220 countries, we meet any transportation need from and to any part of the world,...
International express delivery with global coverage
We do everything to ensure that your shipments arrive on time at the destination, no matter where in the world. We use the FedEx structure, which...
We offer the market integrated import solutions by road
The operations in Santa Clara ensure a presence at the border with Namibia and, from there, access to the entire Southern African Development Community (SADC).
We are prepared to welcome drivers with every comfort at the facilities in Santa Clara.
Experienced customs technicians and own customs agent
Knowing the importance of the customs activity to the international trade process, we do everything to ensure that your shipments have a professional and dedicated follow up
We provide a container yard with storage capacity
Own depot with storage capacity for 360 containers and power connections.
Logistics infrastructure adapted to the storage specificities of each sector
In 2012, Rangel set up a joint venture with Multiparques, giving rise to Multiparques Rangel, Soluções Logísticas, which operates the Logistics...
National Transportation to the entire Angolan territory
National transport services, both at ambient temperature and at controlled temperature (positive and negative cold).
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Specialised Solutions - Angola
  • Food and Perishables
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceutical & Health Care
Supplementary Services
Security is an important aspect in Angola. We have contracted security services from specialised local companies, meeting the best local parameters. Local Security is supported by the Rangel Group Security Department and supported by modern Control and Surveillance equipment. The hygiene in our warehouses and consequently of our customers’ goods is also a very important and differentiating factor for Rangel.
24h Security and Access Control
Hygiene and Pest Control
Customer Service