Logistics infrastructure adapted to the storage specificities of each sector

In 2012, Rangel set up a joint venture with Multiparques, giving rise to Multiparques Rangel, Soluções Logísticas, which operates the Logistics Operations Centre in Luanda.

At Multiparques Rangel we offer specialised storage and distribution services, designed and implemented according to each customer’s needs, with different degrees of complexity. We have a wide range of customised services available, ranging from the reception of the goods in the warehouse to their shipment (Warehouse Management, Pick & Pack, Assembly, Labelling, Packaging and Integrated Logistics).

We offer a wide range of logistics and storage services through our logistics infrastructure of 15,000 m2, adapted to the storage specificities of each sector (e.g. continuous flows, controlled temperatures, etc.):
  • Direct logistics (reception of goods in warehouse and respective checking and storage in the warehouse of products and provision of orders) and reverse (after-sales service of equipment);
  • Storage adapted to different temperatures (ambient, controlled, chilled, positive cold and frozen);
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of goods.
  • Cold Terminal Capacity (frozen and chilled): 7,000 pallets
  • Ambient Temperature Terminal Capacity: 6,500 pallets

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