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Rangel is the domestic market leader, responsible for the logistics operations of some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Its recognition comes from being a pioneer in offering its own temperature-controlled distribution network, along with innovative traceability systems.

The market for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is extremely demanding and complex. In a heavily regulated sector, this segment is unique and available to a limited number of operators.

Rangel currently provides an efficient solution, developed with high quality standards in both the national and international market, which reduces the complexity of its customers in their supply chain.

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Why choose Rangel?
Technological innovation and operational performance
Temperature controlled dedicated distribution network
Full-Track & Tracing Systems with full supply chain monitoring
Own infrastructures for storing medicines
We provide a storage infrastructure for products that require storage conditions between 15ºC and 25ºC, 2ºC to 8ºC, psychotropic, clinical trials and products for veterinary use.
Optimised Order Processing
Orders are processed with automated picking by light systems combined with conveyors and distribution sorters. Order checking is guaranteed by an automatic model that ensures a reduced rate of non-conformities.
Temperature Controlled
We are pioneers in the implementation of the dedicated temperature-controlled distribution network that 100% guarantees the cold chain. The implemented system is the one that best ensures the environmental conditions required by the pharmaceutical industry.
Certified packaging and own fleet
We have our own fleet for the entire distribution network and all vehicles have the capacity to provide transport between 2ºC and 8ºC. Through a certified packaging system, we offer different systems guaranteeing compliance with the most demanding stability criteria.
Collection management
For customers who want to focus more on their sales activity, we have implemented several Order&Cash concepts for the pharmaceutical industry, including collection risk management.
Dedicated distribution and temperature control
We currently deliver to your customers, to a universe of 2,000 pharmacies in mainland Portugal in the same dedicated and temperature-controlled distribution network.
Import and export dedicated service for pharmaceutical products, by air, sea and land using temperature control systems.
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Storage of raw materials
Labelling services
Secondary packaging of medical devices
Storage of flammable and cytotoxic or biological products
Medicines for veterinary use
Pharmaceutical technical procedures and batch release
Cold packing systems with different certification protocols
Specialised international transport, by sea, air and land
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