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Brazil - Logistics and Transportation Solutions

We travel the world with speed, security and at competitive prices

Operating in Brazil since 2014, with an office in São Paulo and a network of partners with nationwide coverage, we have the advantage of being an organisation with 40 years of experience, providing effective transport solutions for your goods by air, sea, or road.

We ensure fast and efficient follow up and monitoring of the entire process until the destination, supported by teams strategically positioned in various parts of the country, providing total assistance to our customers.
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Why choose Rangel?
Competitive prices
Own customs agent
Door-to-door distribution
Regular departures
Customs and tax consulting
Import and Export compliance management
Follow-up by experienced local team
Unit specialised in the transport and storage of Wines and Beverages
Consolidation of loads in different countries or from different suppliers
Specialised in the food and beverage sector
Customised services according to the sector and the customer?s need for goods handling operations (inventory management, labelling, packing,...
Services dedicated to national and international transport
We transport throughout the national territory and Mercosur, in an agile and efficient way through a team of agents strategically positioned at...
National and International Air and Sea Services
We provide all air and sea services, supported by networks of Global Agents. We transport to and from anywhere in the world, dealing with all...
Dynamic and reliable Customs Clearance Service
We serve all ports, airports and borders both in Brazil and in the world, with knowledge of the various national and international shipping...
Complete Logistics Services for Galleries, Collectors and Promoters
Range of services such as customs clearance, financial services and expertise in the security of artistic goods for logistics processes and...
Specialised Solutions - Brazil
  • Food and Perishables
  • Wines and Beverages
Customer Service
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