Rangel supports Instituto Pernambuco - Porto in its Inauguration

01 Aug 2022
Rangel supports Instituto Pernambuco - Porto in its Inauguration
The Pernambuco Institute - Porto was inaugurated last Thursday, July 28th, and counted on Rangel's logistical support in the transportation of several works of art, handicrafts, books and many other materials, which were sent from Brazil to Portugal.

At the opening, the exhibition "Uma viagem pelo artesanato de Pernambuco - do litoral ao sertão" (A trip through Pernambuco's handicraft - from the coast to the backlands), developed by the designer Carla Gama and the architect Roberta Borsoi, was launched, as well as the series "Danças Brasileiras Populares de Carnaval" (Popular Brazilian Carnival Dances), by Abelardo da Hora. 

This Association's primary goal is to promote scientific, academic, cultural, and business development in Luso-Brazilian relations, particularly between Pernambuco, in Brazil, and Porto, in Portugal.  
The building, located at Rua das Estrelas, has three floors and 2.3 thousand square meters. It was built on a 7.8 thousand square meter piece of land donated by the University of Porto, next to the Faculties of Sciences, Architecture, Letters, and the Sports Center. The structure has an amphitheater, an exhibition and events area, libraries with individualized study spaces, and a multi-use convention room. 

Created in 1996, the Pernambuco-Porto Institute is a non-profit association set up by the University of Porto, Porto City Hall, the University of Pernambuco, and the Federal University of Pernambuco, together with entrepreneurs Zeferino Ferreira da Costa and Artur da Silva Valente.