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Oil & Gas

An Industry with Specific Needs

The Oil & Gas unit, created in 2014, aims to serve oil companies that require fast and reliable partners to meet the critical needs of the industry. At Rangel, we offer exclusive solutions for shipments of dangerous goods, large shipments and special customs regimes.

The large amount of bureaucracy associated with the customs clearance and storage of this type of cargo means many companies have difficulties receiving their cargo in a timely manner. Through this specialised unit we circumvent the delays in the customs clearance of goods and guarantee faster procedures, reducing the risks inherent to production delays. This unit is directed to all types of material necessary for the operation of oil rigs, mainly consumer material used in the sector, such as valves, filters, cables, as well as machines and equipment specific to the sector.

We have a specialised team for handling this type of goods, with transversal and intermodal solutions, where the customer always has a single point of contact at its disposal, ready to give an answer to any question.
Why choose Rangel?
Dedicated line-haul
Pre-customs clearance
Own customs agent
Proof of delivery (POD)
Dedicated customer managers
Accelerated customs clearance
Dedicated car for Sonils base (Luanda)
Covering more than 220 countries and territories
Real-time information (proactive feedback)
Flexibility (small volumes up to heavy loads)
Temporary storage, offices and warehouse at Luanda airport
Team specialised in the main locations of the Oil & Gas industry
Support Team and Control
Authorised Available Services (ATS - Authorisation to Ship Services Available)
Customs process in 2/3 business days
The customs process begins before the shipment reaches its destination. When we receive an order, our customer service department advises and
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