Simple Solutions for Hazardous Goods

Hazardous goods, ranging from liquid substances to materials, require precise and careful handling. Rangel’s team of highly qualified specialists can help you where necessary and provide for the shipment of your goods.
Accessible hazardous goods:

Accessible hazardous goods:

Class 2:

2.1. Flammable gases (Accepted)

2.2. Non-flammable gases (Accepted)

2.3. Toxic gases (Not accepted)

Class 3:

3. Flammable Liquids (Accepted)

Class 4:

4.1. Flammable solids (Accepted)

4.2. Spontaneous combustion materials (Accepted)

4.3. Hazardous material when wet (Accepted)

Class 5:

5.1. Oxidants (Accepted)

5.2. Organic peroxides (Accepted)

Class 8:

Corrosives (Accepted in most cases)

Inaccessible hazardous goods:

Class 6:

6.1. Toxic substances (Accepted**)

6.2. Infectious substances
               (Only category B UN3373 is accepted)

Class 7:

Radioactive material (Not accepted)

Class 9:

Other (Accepted)

* Shipping acceptance may depend on the size, weight, class, as well as the postal code of the country of origin and/or destination. Please contact Customer Service for more information.
** Classes 6.1 I and 6.1 II are accepted only in special packages; Class 6.1 III is accepted.
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