Air, International Express, Sea and Land Transport

Through our global network, at Rangel we present solutions by road, sea and air, we can analyse the best means of sending your goods, sometimes using multimodal solutions. The transit and fleet times are forecast so that they are fully adjusted to the reality and needs of the goods we transport. The best transportation solutions are analysed, either by weight or by dimensions or degree of hazard.

We have all the resources necessary to respond effectively to the uniqueness of the oil and gas industry and a dedicated team for hazardous goods needs.

For international express delivery, we offer yout the largest worldwide distribution network, backed by a fleet of 657 aircraft and 46,000 vehicles, and 150,000 employees. This structure, which delivers more than 3.5 million packages per day, enables the delivery of your urgent international shipments in more than 220 countries and territories.

We do everything to ensure that your shipments arrive on time at the destination, no matter where in the world. A closed-loop transportation system with defined transit times and the reading of your shipments at each delivery point, from pick-up to final delivery between the major points of Ontario, Houston, Aberdeen, China, Singapore, South Africa, Dubai, France and Angola.
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