Angola | Government promotes national production and limits imports since 2022

15 Feb 2019
Angola | Government encourages domestic production and limited from 2022 - News - Rangel

Dear Customer,

Following the Legislative nº 23/19 of January 14th, we share information about PRODESI - Program to Support Production, Diversification of Exports and Import Substitution. With the action plan, the Angolan Government intends to reduce imports, increasing the domestic production of basic food basket goods.

Due to the application of the provisions in paragraph b) of article nº8 of the diploma, and after complying with what is stipulated in sub-paragraphs c) and d), only producers and wholesalers will be allowed to import the products listed in nº2 of Article nº2.

Also by application of the provisions in article nº10 of the same, the pre-shipment inspection for the medicines and products listed in number 2 of article 2 is again mandatory.

The new regulation gives priority to national purchases and, since 2022, it applies a temporary measure of quantitative restriction on imports of industrial goods.

For get to know the basic food basket goods, please access to the Decreto Legislativo Presidencial nº23/19, de 14 de Janeiro.

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