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Angola | Government promotes national production and limits imports since 2022

15 Feb 2019
With the action plan, the Angolan Government intends to reduce imports, increasing the domestic production of basic food basket goods.

Rangel Birthday

03 Sep 2018
On September 3rd, we celebrate 38 years. Congratulations to all 1500 employees who commit every day to successfully connect people and businesses around the world.

New import service from Asia

01 Sep 2017
These services are fully customised and allow full visibility of the logistics chain, from the point of origin to delivery, supported by dedicated and specialised import teams.

Do you know the changes in customs VAT payments?

01 Aug 2017
The Government has just approved Ordinance no. 215/2017 of 20 July (see here), which regulates the option already taken in the State Budget Law for 2017, according to which the VAT payable for the import of the may be included in the periodic...

Nuno Rangel attended the Next Level Conferences

06 Jun 2017
These conferences were organised by Expresso in partnership with Banco Popular and were held on 6 June 2017.