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Interview with Filipe de Almeida: Securing Road Transport Across Africa

05 Nov 2023
SMART Security Solutions spoke to Filipe de Almeida, the Corporate Security and Loss Prevention Manager at Rangel Logistics Solutions, and the Portugal & Spain Regional TAPA EMEA Lead, to understand what are the biggest challenges and...

Road Transport Growth in Africa

17 Apr 2023
Read here the article published recently in the magazine "Freight News", about how Rangel has bet on international road service in the African continent.

Amendments to the Code of Excise Duty in Mozambique

03 Mar 2023
The Government has submitted to Parliament the proposed revision of the Excise Tax Code, as it considers that it is out of line with current requirements. This draft law is part of the tax reform that the Government is promoting, with the...

Amendments to Mozambique's Value Added Tax (VAT) Code

03 Mar 2023
On 01 January 2023, Law no. 22/2022 of 28 December came into force, approving the new Value Added Tax (VAT) Code, as part of the Mozambican Economic Acceleration Stimulus Package (PAE).

Rangel wins IATA seal in South Africa

21 Dez 2022
Rangel South Africa is certified as a logistics operator by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

"Freight News" highlights Rangel's investment in Africa

16 Dez 2022
Recently published in the magazine "Freight News" the article highlights how Rangel has made a strong investment in strategic positioning on the African continent