Angola: New Measures applied to Pre-Packaged Products Import

26 Apr 2021
The Angolan government announces that it will start import basic food basket products in bulk instead of buying them already packaged, in order to "save foreign exchange" and support the local economy.

From June 17, 2021, the importation of pre-packaged basic food basket products will be mandatorily made in "big bags", for the accommodation of bulk products, according to the executive decree nº63/21 of March 17th.

Augusta Fortes, national director of Angolan Foreign Trade, said that with this measure Angola will "boost the processing and packaging industry," as well as "create more direct and indirect jobs.

The use of "big bags" will be the rule for imports of sugar, rice, wheat and corn flour, beans, powder milk, cooking oil, animal feed, coarse and refined salt, wheat semolina, pork and beef, margarine and soap.

In the case of imports of canned fruit or vegetables, powdered detergents and tomato paste, the import in bulk will be mandatory as of 2022.

For more information, see the decree here.