A wide range of logistics services for the supply chain that respond to critical industry needs

Efficient supply chain management is critical to the competitiveness of enterprises and this must be taken on-board by organisations as a stage in the pursuit of excellence, from its suppliers to the end consumer.

This management is based on the idea that the final product/service is the result not only of the effort of the company that produces it, but of several companies involved in the process, from downstream to upstream. Some companies still tend to focus on the facts that occur in-house, neglecting what is outside their premises. The result is ineffective and disjointed supply chains. Changing the internal focus to an external one enables companies to reduce cross-company inefficiencies, increase the visibility of real demand, share information across the entire supply chain, reduce the chain cycle time, align production with demand for more efficient means.

Forms of transport:

  • Air, sea and intermodal / Door - Door / Door - Airport transport solutions
  • Dedicated vehicles: domestic and international
  • Dedicated aircraft: domestic and international
  • Integrated logistics: loading, storage, picking and distribution from ship (dry and cold) - over 6500 m2
  • Track & Trace
  • Customs formalities
  • Own customs agent
  • Customs warehouse (own), Bonded Warehouse (tax police + customs representative)
  • CCTV system with daily backups

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