Integrated logistics solution for the food industry

Food and Perishable Logistics and Transport Solutions

Supply chain management for food and perishable products

The food and perishable industry is considered one of the most demanding and challenging in the global market, especially due to safety issues, particularities of the products and requirements inherent to the cold chain. 

Food logistics management includes the entire process of storage, conservation, distribution, transport, handling and maintenance of the quality of temperature-sensitive products.  In cold chain management it is important to take into account the need to maintain logistics costs and service levels, especially in Angola, a country with scarce infrastructures and diverse conditions.

In Angola, we have a dedicated unit specialized in integrated logistics solutions for import or export needs, minimizing the complexity inherent to transport, customs clearance and storage of food products.

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Why choose Rangel?
Specialised and fully dedicated operational team
Global partner network
APCER certification
Audited externally (half-yearly - latest assessment of 96%)
Temporary customs warehouse (temperature controlled)
Management of FIFO and FEFO(validity and batch control)
Container logistics depot, including power connection for Reefers
Temperature controlled logistics terminal (capacity: 7,000 pallets)
Guarantee of quality and safety, with permanent monitoring by quality manager
Supervision and operational coordination at source and destination to guarantee the temperature requirements and handling of perishable products
Capacity to guarantee the cold chain throughout the entire process (door-to-door): export, international transport, customs control, logistics and distribution
Control of operations through ICOL software (WMS - Warehouse Management System, by Rangel)
Dedicated services for food and perishables
Supported by a global network of partners operating in more than 220 countries, we meet any transportation need, from/to any
Own logistics depot with capacity for 300 containers and power connection
Receipt of containers (control of customs seals); storage of containers (location control); Control and scheduling of
Door-to-door distribution services in our own temperature-controlled fleet
We offer national transport services (distribution), at room temperature or controlled temperature (positive and negative cold).
Direct logistics, warehousing and consolidation of goods
We have specialised storage services adapted to the different types of products and to the different degrees of complexity, from the
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