National and international fashion transportation solutions

Specialised and dedicated transport solutions for garments, hanging garments, footwear, fashion accessories and fabrics, with door-to-door collection and distribution to any location.
  • Transportation of items of clothing, hanging garments, footwear, accessories and fabrics;
  • International network of fashion partners;
  • More than 50 vehicles dedicated to the international flow;
  • Door-to-door capillary distribution in Europe, in 96 h;
  • National express distribution in 24 h of hanging garments, boxes and small volumes;
  • High-Street Retail distribution: capillary distribution in stores, shopping centres, outlets and pedestrian zones;
  • Terminals in major distribution centres and European cities;
  • Equipment dedicated to the transport of fashion items: Hanging Box trailers and Swap Bodies for the transportation of footwear and clothing;
  • Inter-store and returns flow management;
  • Tracking of all online shipments.

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