Planning and Supply of production lines

Dedicated logistics operations through the performance of internal handling and storage services for raw materials, maintenance parts, semi-finished product, finished product, marketing materials, consumables, packaging materials, among others.

Handling and storage operations can be performed in our customers' warehouses or in Rangel's infrastructures. These are dedicated logistical operations that include their own support tools, composed of a vast set of differentiated, specific and highly qualified services, sometimes using multiple schedules (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).

Storage services typically include the following activities:
  • Reception, checking, sampling, quality control and storage of materials or products;
  • Preparation, handling, dispatch, supply;
  • Quality control, packaging, shipping;
  • Automated management of quarantined products and quality blocks;
  • Management of raw materials, parts, semi-finished product, finished product and materials incorporated in the manufacturing process;
  • Operational implementation using the customer's computer systems or integrated with Rangel's information system;
  • Preparation of shipments and loading operations of national or export shipments.