How to prepare for Brexit?

In the event of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the EU without an agreement:

You must prepare for Brexit by anticipating all necessary administrative decisions and actions to avoid disruption. 
Find out what practical steps should be taken:
Register your company with the national customs authority, so that you can carry out commercial transactions with non-member countries;
Check if your company has the technical and human resources and capabilities, as well as all the customs authorizations necessary to import and export;
Get information from the national customs authority about possible customs simplifications for your company:
a) simplificações para sujeição de mercadorias a um regime aduaneiro;  simplification for placing goods under a customs procedure;
b) garantias globais, com montantes reduzidos ou dispensas; 
c) simplificações relativas aos regimes de trânsito.
Talk to your business partners (suppliers, intermediaries, logistics operators), as Brexit can influence your supply chain, namely transit times.
Make sure you have a dispatcher appointed, with a power of attorney for the act, to support you in the customs process.
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