Import, Export and Cross-Border Trade

At Rangel we have teams dedicated to import, export and cross-border trade. With an extensive global network, we have the resources and experience to support your company's international growth. We offer maritime transport solutions tailored to your needs:
Full Containers (FCL)
Based on the different shipping route options, full container shipping (FCL) is the best option for combining the cost and transit time of products.
Collaboration with several shipping operators allows Rangel to offer competitive solutions with regular departures and defined transit times.
Groupage (LCL)
For a cheaper solution where the time factor is not the most significant, we consolidate several freight batches from several shippers to several recipients, using a single means of transport, minimising the cost of transporting the goods. With regular departures to different destinations, own organisation and consolidation in our warehouses.
Luggage to Cape Verde 
In order to reinforce the services of Rangel Cape Verde and with proximity to the customer and the Portuguese communities in mind, we have a Rangel store in Reboleira (Lisbon) dedicated to the transport of luggage to Cape Verde. Check the address here.

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