Rangel wins IATA seal in South Africa

21 Dez 2022
Rangel wins IATA seal in South Africa
Rangel South Africa is certified as a logistics operator by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).With the certification, the company now has direct access to the airlines qualified by the entity to perform highly complex transports. 

"The certification of Rangel in South Africa as an IATA logistics operator is an important step in our strategy to strengthen and expand operations on the African continent, since in addition to market recognition, associated with this certificate, we will also be able to perform transports of greater complexity and specificity," says Tiago Pocinho, Country Manager Rangel South Africa & Zambia.

IATA is an association with over 70 years of history, which develops global commercial standards in the air transport industry with the aim of simplifying the processes of this type of transport. Therefore, by being accredited by this association, Rangel will ensure greater efficiency in its air transport service.

Rangel's goal is to be the logistics arm of export of a wide variety of companies, which is reflected in its internationalization process, which was initially very much oriented by its clients' main export destinations - "This is the Rangel DNA, which characterizes us and we always try to adapt our logistics solutions to our clients' needs," adds the manager.

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