Air and Sea Freight

Full Containers, Groupage and Luggage

As a IATA member we have preferred agreements with the best aviation companies, giving the service a quality guarantee and we offer full coverage in all sea transport operations. We have preferred agreements with the best shipping companies according to the required destination. We study the best solution for the shipping of full loads, groupage and luggage.
Full containers
  • We have all types of containers available for transportation between exporter and importer of any origin to Cape Verde (20’ and 40' NB/HCPW/RF/OS/OT/FT)

Customised containers
  • We receive and load in our warehouses in Lisbon or Porto shipments from several exporters, intended only for one importer.
  • We manage the cargoes in the warehouse and combine the filling of containers according to the needs of the customers.

Groupage containers
  • Shipments from several exporters to several importers
  • Guaranteed departure every 15 days from Portugal or other European origins, via Lisbon, to Cape Verde
  • Speedy destination processes
  • Regular Canary Islands/Cape Verde service, with guaranteed departure every 15 days

  • Pickups at our customers' homes, with the support of our store in Reboleira, Lisbon
  • Guaranteed departure every 15 days