Land, air and sea transport

We have our own fleet, with small and large vehicles specially equipped for the transport of couriers and works of art (with temperature and humidity control, pneumatic suspension, alarm, communication means, etc.), operated by 2 drivers experienced in national and international transport.

In the case of air and sea transport, we seek specific solutions that are appropriate to each customer's needs and the needs of the goods to be transported.

Feirexpo has the capacity to study the most appropriate transportation possibilities on a case-by-case basis, without prejudice to the pretensions and final decision of the customers or even the owner of the work(s). This study takes into account the various components of the work of art, for example: the type of work, characteristics, dimensions, weight, origin and/or destination, among others, so that the transport decision is made fully aware of the concern for the security of the works of art in their transportation.

In both cases, air and sea shipping, FeirExpo will verify with the Companies operating the transport from/to the established locations, the best solutions in terms of flights/ships, possible transhipments and transit time.
In the case of air freight, we can provide full supervision and monitoring of cargo at the airport and, eventually, with the courier.

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