Rangel CEO's Message

24 Mar 2020
Rangel Logistics Solutions CEO's Message

Dear Customer,

At this difficult time for all humanity, a time of great complexity and in constant change, due to the rapid development of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we should like to thank you for your loyalty and trust in Rangel.

The world is facing difficult times! We live in times of uncertainty and we must have a quick and urgent attitude that clearly gives priority to people's lives.

All companies are facing unprecedented challenges, but our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our teams, customers and partners, and simultaneously meet our commitments, given the current constraints.

The growth of Rangel over these 40 years has always been due to the challenges that have crossed our path, and above all, to the professionalism, commitment and dedication of all our employees. Across our history, we have always been guided by endeavour, responsibility and effort.

And in this difficult time, we all have to fight every day to defeat this common enemy.

Our role is very active and critical in ensuring the continuity of supply chains, and this demands increased responsibility on our side so that the economy is not put on hold.

Please rest assured that we are committed to supporting your business during these turbulent times we are all living right now.

We are constantly monitoring the development of the COVID-19 virus outbreak and its impact in our activity. Whenever possible, we shall look for solutions to avoid disruption in our service.

Early on, and given the global evolution of the outbreak as well as the increase in cases recorded in different geographies, Rangel, have immediately created a "Covid-19 Prevention” procedure, and made it available to all employees, encouraging their reading and implementation. 

The current state of emergency has led us to implement further stringent measures:

  • Creation of a Crisis Office, where the Corporate Safety team is permanently available and is close to everyone to provide information and clarification;

  • Creation of an isolation room in all platforms with rules and procedures to be used in cases of suspected infection;

  • Increased communication with all our employees about the Covid-19 virus, forms of transmission and preventive care;

  • National and international travel is currently prohibited;

  • All meetings, in-house or elsewhere, will be remotely held via video conference;

  • Wherever possible, all our business units adopted teleworking mode, ensuring the continuity of all services;

  • Provision of digital platforms that enable and facilitate all teams to work remotely, with online helpdesk for emergencies;

  • Increased sanitation and cleaning of our premises according to the current situation;

  • Avoid access of visitors to our premises;

  • Creation of a "Loading and Unloading Prevention Procedure”, for all our platforms, in order to safeguard the health of all people who interact with the company, specially the drivers, who must wear prevention equipment, such as mask, disposable gloves and hand sanitizing solution.

We deeply thank all our employees for their daily dedication and effort. Their work is of utmost importance to ensure that all goods continue reaching their destinations both in the Portuguese territory and all over the World, by land, sea and air!

We are motivated to work with our customers and partners, and we trust that together we shall overcome this difficult time with the least possible damage. 

We shall continue to place all our integrated logistics solutions at the service of the country, in the hope that our effort may contribute to the improvement of the current situation, and that we can all see soon normality restored in our lives.

We also appeal to the common sense and social responsibility of the population, so that each individual may make his or her contribution, respecting and following the rules and safety instructions given by governmental authorities.

You can always reach our sales and operational teams through the usual telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other available digital tools that will help us to be close to you and respond to your needs as quickly as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Stay safe, take care of your family and by doing so, you will be taking care of us all!

My best regards,


Nuno Rangel

Chief Executive Officer
Vice-President of the Board