Rangel invest in Blujay Software

01 Oct 2020
Rangel invest in Blujay Software

Rangel Logistics Solutions announced today the adoption of the BluJay Solutions technological platform to manage its air, sea and road transport operations.

BluJay Solutions is a leader in software for logistics and transport operations as well as supply chain management, enabling to optimize the future of companies in an increasingly globalized economy. It currently serves about 50,000 carriers and partners, as well as 7,500 customers in more than 100 countries.

Rangel Logistics Solutions aims to access a wide range of benefits with this partnership, that will enable to streamline the main business processes in all subsidiaries and geographies. Rangel also aims to provide more and better information to customers, allowing full real-time visibility of processes. In addition, this investment meets process digitalization and Rangel’s environmental ambition, towards the objective of achieving increasingly paperless operations.

"Selecting the BluJay technology was a natural choice for Rangel, considering the planning and execution capabilities of the solutions adapted to the management of transport and logistics operations. These are long-term solutions, able to adapt and follow the business evolution, fully aligned with our objectives for the coming years”, said Nuno Rangel, CEO of Rangel Logistics Solutions.

Rangel implemented two products developed by BluJay Solutions, aiming to improve the main processes of international transport service, making it more efficient and transparent for the customer.

The first stage kicked off with the implementation of the Transportation Management for Forwarders system, aimed at automating air and sea transport processes, to improve productivity, innovation and expand end-to-end visibility, focusing on customer service excellence and reducing the cost and time per  shipment. In the second stage, the LSP Platform system, aimed at road transport, will be implemented, enabling the creation of a new workflow and an easier integration with partners, improving warehouse management as well as cross-docking processes.

"Our partnership with Rangel is demonstration of the long-term, sustainable value BluJay delivers to our customers to help them meet business digitalisation objectives and better serve their customerssaid Andrew Kirkwood, CEO of BluJay Solutions. "BluJay’s DNA approach is an excellent match for Rangel, which provides a range of logistics services and therefore needs solutions that can adapt to growth, market changes, and meet customer demands now and into the future. We are delighted to expand our relationship with Rangel and look forward to the next phase.”

BluJay's cloud-based software adapts to Rangel's needs and is ready to keep up with business growth, making it more competitive in the market. On the other hand, it will also improve communication with the customer, contributing to more transparent processes and greater competitiveness of the sales teams.