"Freight News" highlights Rangel's investment in Zambia

29 Aug 2022
"Freight News" highlights Rangel's investment in Zambia
Published recently in the magazine "Freight News" the article highlights how increased investment in Zambia is high on Rangel Logistics Solutions' agenda, due to the large growth in volumes that has been experienced in this Southern African country.

According to Tiago Pocinho, Country Manager for South Africa and Zambia, the company has invested heavily in its facilities in Zambia, and this includes a new
2500-square-metre warehouse in Lusaka.

"We are seeing real growth on several southern African corridors to and from Zambia. Our investment into the country is proving to be very positive, and we are committed to creating the necessary opportunities to grow our business”, said Tiago Pocinho to Freight News.

Read here the full interview.