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The Logistics Solution for the Automotive Sector

The automotive industry is a sector of great importance in the Portuguese economy, where the production of automotive components for export is the most representative factor of this industry.

This sector of activity consists of an extensive portfolio and variable production volumes. At Rangel, we are well aware of the challenges of this industry, working with significant players of the industry and providing a customised integrated logistics service, complying with the highest quality standards.

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Why choose Rangel?
Information systems tailored to the logistics processes
Process Certification, according to best practices
Lean culture and constant application of continuous improvement projects
We develop customised projects tailored to our customers
Range of integrated logistics services, international transport, national distribution and time critical solutions
In-house or outsourcing projects
We develop customised projects adapted to the logistical needs of your business. We can help your company reduce the costs of performing handling and storage services for raw materials, parts, tyres, semi-finished products, finished products and support materials.
Planning and Supply of production lines
At Rangel we develop planning and execution activities for the supply of the production lines, control of internal material flows and respective allocation of resources.
Internal and External (Air, Maritime, Land)
Through the integration of all Air, Sea, International Land, International Express, National Express and Custom Critical transportation operations, we have implemented customised transport solutions for the models and requirements of industrial operations.
Optimisation of transport and logistics solutions
We have a specialised after-sales service supported by a worldwide network and facilities throughout the country, through in-house/outsourcing solutions, stock management and parts transportation, ensuring fast delivery to resellers and customers.
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Supplementary Services
Continuous Improvement
Quality Control
Cleaning and processing of waste for production units
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