Logistics Services for Automotive and Aviation cluster

Rangel’s contract logistics division aims to create value for customers, combining the skills and years of experience with our quality management, allowing us to deliver value to your business.

Our portfolio includes some of the largest and most complex logistics operations in Portugal, based on longterm partnerships. We manage over 250.000 m2 of storage area including support to production lines, carried out mostly inhouse (directly on the customer’s premises) or through combined solutions using our facilities as well.


With a wide range of services along the industrial value chain, from transport and logistics of raw materials to finished goods we optimise your supply chain from endto-end.

The industrial logistics operations includes own support tools and teams experienced in handling complex operations, sometimes using multiple schedules (24 hours/365 days a year). Based on the best practices and industries standards, we develop efficient and safe processes to provide the support your business needs.

Contract Logistics and Storage Services for Automotive cluster
In-house or outsourcing projects
We develop customised projects adapted to the logistical needs of your business. We can help your company reduce the costs of performing handling and storage services for raw materials, parts, tyres, semi-finished products, finished products and support materials.
Planning and Supply of production lines
At Rangel we develop planning and execution activities for the supply of the production lines, control of internal material flows and respective allocation of resources.
Internal and External
Taking advantage of the resources of Rangel's transportation solutions and to benefit the result of the integration of the operations, we...
Optimisation of transport and logistics solutions
We have a specialised after-sales service supported by a worldwide network and facilities throughout the country, through in-house/outsourcing solutions, stock management and parts transportation, ensuring fast delivery to resellers and customers.
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